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It is said true, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. We believe in cleanliness and so are our services. These include Professional Sofa Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, etc. The Modern World needs Modern Solutions, Battlebugs will keep on evolving & adapting new techniques. In these difficult times of pandemic, we came up with providing SANITIZATION & DISINFECTION Services to avoid the spread of the virus. Delivering these services was a bit challenging but we had a strong determination to serve people & help individuals in making their workplaces more safe & workable. Making places safe & better place to live in. We have dedicated team of trained individuals focused towards their respective roles & put lot of efforts to achieve common Vision, Mission & Goal. Delivering Safe Spaces is the need of the hour & our team is bound to give quality service to our clients

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