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One who maintains Cleanliness keeps away diseases, truly said.. Battlebugs is a budding startup organization that came up with a mission to provide clean and safe spaces to live in. We believe that a clean space can protect us from viruses, germs, and bacteria.The idea was to deliver clean and safe spaces so that hygiene doesn't get compromised. We offer Cleaning and Disinfection service, with the best-innovated techniques, and have a dedicated team of individuals focused on respective roles and responsibilities to achieve a common vision, mission and goal. At Battlebugs, we aspire to become the biggest cleaning company, offering Sustainable Cleaning Services, so that we can protect the environment from harmful and toxic chemicals. People want to make small changes to help the environment but by using our services, you will definitely contribute to a better tomorrow. As long as people are moving toward modern solutions to their problems and opting for a better lifestyle, Battlebugs will keep on evolving and adopting new techniques for Cleaning Services. People are now moving toward modern solutions for the difficulties, we wish to expand and grow to offer the best and standard solution. We look forward to providing a safe and better workplace.



Vedant Randad


A Budding Architect by profession, an opportunist who came up to serve the society in the tough times of pandemic. Started with small scale of operations his work was highly recognized within no time through various Press Media, Magazines, Podcast etc. He believes that building an even better and stronger brand for the long term is the best way to enhance services. The small efforts will definitely form a milestone in coming time.

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Vijay Randad


Experienced Co -Founder, having knowledge of the Chemical & Agriculture industry over the past 35 years he believes to make a better contribution in the society we live in. His experience plays a vital role in expanding our services and serving to our customers. The constant support & words of wisdom provides a much needed stability and confidence to the entire team.

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